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Worried About Storing Your Data in the Cloud? BuddyBackup offers a Free and Secure Online Alternative

June 17, 2011

With question marks surrounding the safety of data stored in the cloud, highlighted recently by Amazon’s huge EC2 cloud crash, BuddyBackup allows PC users to store their information remotely, resiliently and for nothing.

BuddyBackup’s newly improved software lets users back-up unlimited data onto spare disk space on their friends’, family’s or colleagues’ computers for free. The system uses military-grade encryption so your ‘buddies’ can’t see your files.

“It gives users peace of mind to know that their files are backed up to people they know and trust and not an unknown server in cyberspace with questionable security levels,” says BuddyBackup Manager, Mark Couvaras.

Large servers face continuous threats from hackers as seen in the case of Sony, which led to data being stolen from 77 million accounts in April and a further attack this month with 1 million account details and passwords being accessed.

As seen, even the largest cloud operations are not immune to disasters; customers lost data permanently when Amazon’s EC2 cloud service crashed.

“In the past, online storage companies have been taken over resulting in data being lost. Others have gone bust, leaving customers unable to retrieve their files,” warns Mark.

“What’s more, terms and conditions can change, meaning that some unscrupulous companies might start charging you for storage if you want to get your data back.”

“BuddyBackup is a simple, secure and free alternative to the cloud. It’s robust because you can scatter your documents, photos, music and videos across lots of friends. And the more buddies you back up to, the safer your files are,” adds Mark.

Once a full back-up is completed, BuddyBackup constantly monitors your computer for changes and only uploads files that have been added or altered. The software backs up continuously as long as your buddies are online. If they’re not, the changes will be made as soon as they are back on again.

Buddybackup’s latest upgrade means you can now choose who the files should be backed up to, and how many backups should be made. For example, you can now set it so that your most vital files are backed up to 3 remotely located buddies, whereas your music is backed up only once to your USB drive. That way you don’t waste time and space making lots of backups of files which are less important.

“As well as serving home users, it’s a free and easy way for employees to back-up data on their laptops to a central computer in the office,” adds Mark.

“Plus, because you’re avoiding an online storage company or cloud server, BuddyBackup doesn’t add to the energy burden from power-hungry data centres, making it a greener option too.” – available in 11 different languages.

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