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Which? TechDaily features Buddybackup!

October 4, 2011

Which? Computing’s TechDaily says Buddybackup is “easy to install, easy to use and of course it’s free”. Plus they said: “We found recovering files to be simple.”

BuddyBackup – free software first look – Which? TechDaily

BuddyBackup is a free backup program that requires some willing friends, or you to have a second computer. It works in a similar way to a cloud backup tool but instead of saving to the cloud, it uses the spare storage space of your ‘buddy’ on their PC.

How does BuddyBackup work?

First you need to install BuddyBackup on your own computer. We found this simple to do. You can then use it to backup to a local USB drive store, but the real power is to backup to a ‘buddy’.

This can be another PC that you own, or even better a set of machines belonging to your friends. Each PC will need to have the BuddyBackup software installed and running.

The amount of storage space you have avilable on your friends PC depends on how much you’ve allowed them. For example, if you allow 10GB of storage space on your machine to be used by your buddies, you can backup up to 10GB of your own data to their PC.

If you don’t like the thought of your friends being able to see your files don’t worry, the backups are encrypted so your buddies won’t be able to see them.

Running a backup

Once you’ve installed the program and want to backup your data this is what happens:

Choose what data you want to save, and it runs automatically. If a ‘buddy’ is not online it will be sent to your other buddies – it’s worth having several to up the likelihood of someone being available. The default setting will send a copy to two of your buddies, but you can increase this if you want to. In our test we also found recovering files to be simple.

Everyone likes something for nothing. Find out how free software stands up against paid-for versions in our review of free software – including free anti-virus and office alternatives.

Should I use BuddyBackup?

Overall it’s a very interesting concept. We found it was easy to install, easy to use and of course it’s free. You can use it to back up with friends or to back up between a couple of your own computers. There are a couple of things to watch out for though:

First, it’s important to mention that this is purely a backup solution for your files. There’s no imaging capability so it won’t be able to recover an operating system or whole applications.

Secondly, the backup process is quite slow by default. We found this reasonable though as it’s done to ensure minimal distrubance to the internet connection of you and your friends. Once you’ve completed your first backup though, the increments will be quicker.

September 30, 2011

818 – the number of computers stolen from students in Greater Manchester during the last academic year (Sept 2010 to Jul 2011).

September 19, 2011

BuddyBackup has reached 16TB of shared data!

September 9, 2011

Thinking of ideas for our BuddyBackup advert! #lightbulbmoment

September 6, 2011

Did you know BuddyBackup is the green way to backup online and off-site? That’s because it doesn’t use power-guzzling data centres!

That back to school feeling!

September 5, 2011

Full of good intentions? Start the new term by keeping your coursework safe, with free online backup from BuddyBackup! Don’t forget to spread the word…

Backup your holiday Photos for Free!

July 9, 2011

Summer’s here but don’t let those holiday snaps linger on your camera or phone.

It’s one thing to get round to downloading images onto your PC but quite another to remember to backup them up!

Just like you should always take out travel insurance, you can ensure your photos are safe should your camera or computer get lost, damaged or stolen.

With BuddyBackup you can have unlimited, continuous, online backup of your photos for FREE!

Once you’ve got it, you never have to worry about backing up your photos again. So you don’t have to bother doing manual backups to an external hard-drive or CDs either. (With BuddyBackup you can even backup your external hard-drive online).

BuddyBackup’s easy-to-use software works by backing up to the spare disk space on your friends PCs. The service is free (and always will be) because it doesn’t back-up to power-hungry data centres, just as many buddies as you like.

BuddyBackup applies military-grade encryption to all files before they leave your PC, so even your nosiest buddies won’t be able to snoop around your photos.

Once you’ve done your initial backup, BuddyBackup will automatically backup any images you add to your folders.

Of course, you can back up any of your files on your PC, not just images. So you can have peace of mind to know that your photos, videos, music and work are all protected.

Congratulations to July’s iPad winner!

September 17, 2010
Congratulations to Max from the UK, who was the first winner of our monthly iPad competition:
I received my iPad yesterday, many thanks! I still can’t believe I won 🙂
I would like to thank BuddyBackup for valuing their existing customers and entering them into the draw. I didn’t expect to win and what a fantastic surprise it was on a Monday morning! BuddyBackup has performed flawlessly over the last 6 months and the support on your forum was really helpful. All in all, not bad for free software!
All the best for the future

Enjoy the iPad Max!
The BuddyBackup Team