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BuddyBackup is closing down

February 21, 2022

BuddyBackup is closing down on 31 May 2022.

Thank you to everyone who has who has supported and used BuddyBackup over the years.


When it was introduced, BuddyBackup solved a very common problem, providing online backup for free.

Over the years, personal computing has changed. There is now a wider range of devices like smartphones and tablets and data has moved beyond the PC and onto cloud storage.

The challenge BuddyBackup solved has become a more niche use-case and it is no longer viable to maintain it.

What do I need to do?

On the 31 May 2022, the central BuddyBackup servers that mange connections between Buddies will be shut down. After that time, it will not be possible to connect to buddies to back up or recover data. It will also no-longer be possible to download BuddyBackup from

Restore any data you need from your buddies before 31 May 2022.

Help and support

How to restore your data
How to restore your data from local backups

If you have a lot of data to restore, your Buddy can export your backups onto a removable USB drive. How to export your data

Online and PDF Manual


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We’ve got a winner in our Top Buddies iPad2 competition!

January 5, 2012

What better way to beat the January blues than by winning a brand new iPad2 courtesy of BuddyBackup? That’s what happened to ‘NicGord’ in Australia, one of our loyal Buddies who persuaded the most number of friends and family to download and start using BuddyBackup’s free, online backup software. Congratulations! The iPad2 is making its way to you now.


From everyone at BuddyBackup.

“The dog ate my dissertation!”

September 12, 2011

While this might be the clichéd excuse for handing in work late – the fact is disasters do happen and losing your coursework could mean you put your degree at risk.

Rather than the dog, you’re more likely to lose work because your computer crashes or your laptop gets stolen. (A staggering 818 laptops were stolen from students in Greater Manchester during the 2010-11 academic year.)

Which is why backing up your work is vital but it needn’t be expensive. BuddyBackup offers unlimited, online data backup for free.

“Most students will take out insurance in case their laptop gets stolen,” says Mark Couvaras from BuddyBackup. “And while that can pay for a new computer, no amount of money is going to replace weeks and months of hard work. BuddyBackup software is like a free insurance policy for your data.”

BuddyBackup works by storing your files onto spare disk space on your friends’ (or buddies’) PCs. The system applies military-grade encryption to your data before it leaves your PC, which means that only you can see your files.

But backing up and remembering to back up are two different things, so BuddyBackup works continuously and automatically backs-up any changes or additions you make to your files. This means that once you’ve done an initial backup, you never have to worry about doing it again.

For added security BuddyBackup defaults to a minimum of two buddies. It wouldn’t be wise to backup just to your housemates, so it’s a good idea to include buddies who are off-campus or friends and family back home.

BuddyBackup only uses a trickle of your bandwidth when you’re on your computer. This means you can continue to work while BuddyBackup is backing up your files.  After you’ve backed up, your files will continue to sit safely on your buddies’ computers.

BuddyBackup is smart software. It regularly checks that your buddies still have your backups. If it discovers a problem, it will automatically backup your files to a different buddy instead. This means you’re safe even if a buddy uninstalls BuddyBackup or has a computer failure.

If you have a disaster, you can easily recover your files by running BuddyBackup from your new computer.

“And because you’re avoiding an online storage company or cloud server,” adds Mark “BuddyBackup is a greener option too because it doesn’t add to the energy burden from power-hungry data centres.”

BuddyBackup software and website online

April 19, 2010

The BuddyBackup team is delighted to announce that the BuddyBackup site & software is now up and running:

New to BuddyBackup? Here’s some blurb from the site which should hopefully give you an idea of what we’re about:

BuddyBackup gives you unlimited online backups of your files for free, by allowing you to easily and securely backup your data onto your buddies.

So, check out the site and give the software a whirl!

The BuddyBackup Team