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BuddyBackup is closing down

February 21, 2022

BuddyBackup is closing down on 31 May 2022.

Thank you to everyone who has who has supported and used BuddyBackup over the years.


When it was introduced, BuddyBackup solved a very common problem, providing online backup for free.

Over the years, personal computing has changed. There is now a wider range of devices like smartphones and tablets and data has moved beyond the PC and onto cloud storage.

The challenge BuddyBackup solved has become a more niche use-case and it is no longer viable to maintain it.

What do I need to do?

On the 31 May 2022, the central BuddyBackup servers that mange connections between Buddies will be shut down. After that time, it will not be possible to connect to buddies to back up or recover data. It will also no-longer be possible to download BuddyBackup from

Restore any data you need from your buddies before 31 May 2022.

Help and support

How to restore your data
How to restore your data from local backups

If you have a lot of data to restore, your Buddy can export your backups onto a removable USB drive. How to export your data

Online and PDF Manual


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