Backing up an external hard drive – a BuddyBackup user’s experience

One user explains how she used BuddyBackup to backup the files on her hard drive after her laptop ran out of storage:

With hardly any disk space left on my laptop, I decided to transfer my ever-expanding stock of family photos and videos onto an external hard drive instead.

I’ve always backed up these precious files (along with my other documents on my laptop) offsite with BuddyBackup just in case I get robbed or have a disaster at home. But now these files are off my pc, I still want them backed up offsite, so I need to backup the hard drive as well.

This is different than adding a USB hard drive as a Buddy, which is another option altogether.

I actually want to back up the hard drive, which I’ll use as an extension to my pc – plugging it in when I want to share my pictures with family and friends.

So this is how I did it:

  1. Firstly, I connected the USB hard drive to my laptop. BuddyBackup will automatically detect the USB drive and ask if you want to add it as a Buddy. This is when you say NO.
  2. I then made a copy of My Pictures and My Videos onto the external hard drive.
  3. When I checked that the files had ALL copied over correctly, I deleted them from my laptop.
  4. At this stage I was a bit nervous about having no offsite backup but BuddyBackup won’t delete the original backups until one month after they have been removed from my laptop – so plenty of time to do a restore of all the files should anything go wrong!
  5. Then I simply opened the BuddyBackup control panel and clicked on ‘Choose Backups’ tab.
  6. As the hard drive was plugged into my pc, it showed on the file directory in ‘Choose Backups’.
  7. Then it was just a matter of ticking the My Pictures and My Videos folders in the hard drive directory and BuddyBackup added them to my list of backups.

As my original backups were done with the latest version of BuddyBackup, it was able to recognise that the files on my hard drive were exactly the same as the ones I had on my pc, so the backup didn’t take long.

As long as my hard drive is connected to my pc, BuddyBackup will keep backing it up. If I unplug for a while, then BuddyBackup will automatically backup the changes to my selected folders as soon as I connect again.

So now I’ve got tonnes more space on my laptop and my hard drive backed up offsite too.


BuddyBackup says:

For more information about backups and restores, take a look at our help section.

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