Get a Buddy before your data’s left out in the cold

People will go to amazing lengths to claw back data from damaged or faulty hard drives.

Shaking it, banging it or praying for it won’t work but one technique that just might is to put the hard drive in the freezer!

Amazingly, anecdotal evidence suggests that this can indeed revive your hard drive for a valuable few minutes – whether it’s long enough to retrieve vital data can depend. But by putting it in the freezer for 24 hours, people have been able to revive their hard drives for up to 30 minutes.

However, BEWARE as freezing your hard drive could mean that it becomes impossible for a professional recovery service to retrieve data from the damaged drive. Putting your hard drive in the ice box should be an absolute last resort and will mean that once it’s defrosted and packs in again, it will be good for nothing.

Of course, these desperate measures are no substitute for backing up your family photos, dissertation, or videos in the first place.

Having a proper backup solution shouldn’t just be an option – it should be mandatory! Backing up needn’t even be expensive – BuddyBackup gives your files offsite, online, continuous protection for free.

Whoever thought up the idea to freeze their hard drive first is anyone’s guess – if only they’d put as much thought into backing up their PC beforehand.

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