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Top ten tips for taking a Fantastic Photo!

July 25, 2012

It’s summer time and a chance to get some super snaps on holiday or at home. So we’ve asked professional photographers Clare Roberts and Tracy Moreno-King for their top tips on taking a great photo:

  1. Don’t worry about getting children to pose and smile for a photo, experience shows that getting natural shots of them busy at play are more often the keepers!
  2. When photographing landscapes, try to really SEE the whole scene in the viewfinder. It’s amazing how finding a different angle or including a particular feature can suddenly make it more interesting. Try crouching right down to the ground or find something to stand on to get an alternate view.
  3. Make use of natural light where ever possible.
  4. Here at LilyRose Photography we’re big fans of ‘jaunty angles’! Turning your camera 45 degrees left or right can give a portrait or landscape shot a real sense of punch. Try it, it works!
  5. Don’t be afraid of the rain.  If it is or has been raining then pick up your kit and go exploring, try taking action shots of puddle jumping or cars splashing through the rain.
  6. Although the Manual setting on your camera can achieve great pictures, don’t forget that cameras today are incredibly sophisticated and there is no shame putting it in Auto. Great shots can come from it, especially in very changeable light conditions.
  7. Reflections make fantastic images.  So when you’re out and about keep your eyes open for an interesting reflection.
  8. Pick up your camera every day.  Practice really does make perfect and the more you take your camera out and about the better and more confident you’ll become.
  9. Be inspired, joining groups like Flickr can give you great ideas and you can gauge the reaction to your own photos so that you know what works and what doesn’t.
  10. Don’t forget to back up your images! It’s so easy to say but if you lose your precious pictures they are gone forever. It is very quick and easy to do and Buddy Backup is the perfect tool to protect your photos for the future!

BuddyBackup says:

Although it may take time to do an initial backup of all your photos on your pc, BuddyBackup will automatically save any new pictures that you add to your backed up folders so you never have to worry about backing up again.

Don’t forget that when you do your initial backup you can simultaneously backup to a local USB external hard drive allowing for speedy local restores too.