“The dog ate my dissertation!”

While this might be the clichéd excuse for handing in work late – the fact is disasters do happen and losing your coursework could mean you put your degree at risk.

Rather than the dog, you’re more likely to lose work because your computer crashes or your laptop gets stolen. (A staggering 818 laptops were stolen from students in Greater Manchester during the 2010-11 academic year.)

Which is why backing up your work is vital but it needn’t be expensive. BuddyBackup offers unlimited, online data backup for free.

“Most students will take out insurance in case their laptop gets stolen,” says Mark Couvaras from BuddyBackup. “And while that can pay for a new computer, no amount of money is going to replace weeks and months of hard work. BuddyBackup software is like a free insurance policy for your data.”

BuddyBackup works by storing your files onto spare disk space on your friends’ (or buddies’) PCs. The system applies military-grade encryption to your data before it leaves your PC, which means that only you can see your files.

But backing up and remembering to back up are two different things, so BuddyBackup works continuously and automatically backs-up any changes or additions you make to your files. This means that once you’ve done an initial backup, you never have to worry about doing it again.

For added security BuddyBackup defaults to a minimum of two buddies. It wouldn’t be wise to backup just to your housemates, so it’s a good idea to include buddies who are off-campus or friends and family back home.

BuddyBackup only uses a trickle of your bandwidth when you’re on your computer. This means you can continue to work while BuddyBackup is backing up your files.  After you’ve backed up, your files will continue to sit safely on your buddies’ computers.

BuddyBackup is smart software. It regularly checks that your buddies still have your backups. If it discovers a problem, it will automatically backup your files to a different buddy instead. This means you’re safe even if a buddy uninstalls BuddyBackup or has a computer failure.

If you have a disaster, you can easily recover your files by running BuddyBackup from your new computer.

“And because you’re avoiding an online storage company or cloud server,” adds Mark “BuddyBackup is a greener option too because it doesn’t add to the energy burden from power-hungry data centres.”

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