Student data loss no excuse for missed deadlines

Students take note: Data loss won’t wash when it comes to missed deadlines.

For students starting at university for the first time there’s a lot to take on board; living away from home, making new friends, being financially responsible and of course studying for a degree.

Three or more years of hard work is going to be done, most likely, on a laptop. But if that laptop were to crash or get stolen, students could lose all their coursework in one swipe.

The danger is a real one. During the last university year, from September 2010 to July 2011, Greater Manchester police reported a total of a massive 818 computer thefts from students.*

And while students may not be to blame, they shouldn’t expect their tutor to be sympathetic.  UCL’s Science and Technology student handbook 2010-2011 clearly states: “Data loss will not excuse missing a deadline”.

Which is why backing up work is imperative but it needn’t be costly or complicated. BuddyBackup is a free, unlimited, online, backup software for PCs that is ideal for students.

“With so much going on in student’s lives, it can be easy to forget to backup work,” says BuddyBackup Manager, Mark Couvaras. “Yet, if they don’t, they’re putting their degree in jeopardy.

“Once you’ve done an initial backup, you never have to worry about doing it again because BuddyBackup works continuously and automatically backs-up any changes or additions you make to your files,” adds Mark.

BuddyBackup backups your data onto spare disk space on friends’ (or buddies’) computers so that you avoid paying a cloud provider for storage space.

“BuddyBackup is also a greener option because unlike the cloud, it doesn’t require the use of data centres which have a huge energy consumption,” says Mark.

BuddyBackup software applies military-grade encryption to your data before it leaves your PC, which means that only you can see your files.

For added security BuddyBackup defaults to a minimum of two buddies. It wouldn’t be wise to backup solely to housemates, so it’s a good idea to include buddies who are off-campus or friends and family back home.

BuddyBackup is smart software. It regularly checks that your buddies still have your backups. If it discovers a problem, it will automatically backup your files to a different buddy instead. This means you’re safe even if a buddy uninstalls BuddyBackup or has a computer failure.

If you have a disaster, you can easily recover your files by running BuddyBackup from your new computer.

“Most students will take out insurance in case their laptop gets stolen,” says Mark. “And while that can pay for a new computer, no amount of money is going to replace weeks and months of course work. BuddyBackup software is like a free insurance policy for your data.”

* Source Greater Manchester Police (August 2011) – through a Freedom of Information request made by BuddyBackup.



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