Backup your holiday Photos for Free!

Summer’s here but don’t let those holiday snaps linger on your camera or phone.

It’s one thing to get round to downloading images onto your PC but quite another to remember to backup them up!

Just like you should always take out travel insurance, you can ensure your photos are safe should your camera or computer get lost, damaged or stolen.

With BuddyBackup you can have unlimited, continuous, online backup of your photos for FREE!

Once you’ve got it, you never have to worry about backing up your photos again. So you don’t have to bother doing manual backups to an external hard-drive or CDs either. (With BuddyBackup you can even backup your external hard-drive online).

BuddyBackup’s easy-to-use software works by backing up to the spare disk space on your friends PCs. The service is free (and always will be) because it doesn’t back-up to power-hungry data centres, just as many buddies as you like.

BuddyBackup applies military-grade encryption to all files before they leave your PC, so even your nosiest buddies won’t be able to snoop around your photos.

Once you’ve done your initial backup, BuddyBackup will automatically backup any images you add to your folders.

Of course, you can back up any of your files on your PC, not just images. So you can have peace of mind to know that your photos, videos, music and work are all protected.

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